Bolivian fans set off fireworks near the Argentine National Team hotel

Bolivian fans set off fireworks near the Argentine National Team hotel

A group of fans of the Bolivian national team launched fireworks at three in the morning near the concentration hotel of the World champions.

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The sky of the southern area of ​​the city ​​of peace was illuminated during the early morning with the thunderous Fireworks that they threw Bolivian fans, according to videos broadcast on social networks.

This old custom of south american teams It is used to interrupt the sleep of the visiting delegation but from the surroundings of the national team They revealed that the impact was minimal.

From the captain’s message Marcelo Moreno Martins of requesting support for the “green” and not so much for the Lionel Messi selectiona group of fans tried to affect the Argentinians’ rest.

The message of support from the local media to the Bolivian team

The local media also joined the call for unity Moreno Martins and from their covers they sent that message.

“Always with Bolivia”headlined the newspaper La Razón along with a photo of the flag raised by the fans at the door of the local team’s hotel.

Bolivia wants to end the celebration of champions and Messi break streak Peace“, Opinion put on its cover.

“The National Team feels the pressure”chose, for its part, The Duty that focuses on “the obligation to win” if you want “dream about the World Cup” and focuses “on the fever” for “Argentina and for Messi”.

Argentina and Bolivia They will face each other from 16:00 local (17 in Argentina) in the stadium Hernando Siles from La Paz, located at 3,650 meters above sea level, on the second date of the South American Qualifiers for him 2026 World Cup in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

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