Parallel to the basketball final: Faeser criticizes the DFB for the timing of Flick’s dismissal

Parallel to the basketball final: Faeser criticizes the DFB for the timing of Flick’s dismissal

The Federal Minister of the Interior is also enthusiastic about Germany’s basketball players. She criticizes the DFB.

Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser criticized the German Football Association for the timing of the announcement of the release of national coach Hansi Flick.

The DFB announced its separation from Flick shortly before the end of the final of the Basketball World Cup, in which Germany sensationally won the World Cup title. There was a lot of criticism on social media for this.

“That annoyed me too. It was such a beautiful moment that you just wanted to enjoy it,” said Faeser (SPD) at the world champions’ reception in Frankfurt am Main. “The report wasn’t entirely happy at that point.”

“I found that, frankly, very ignorant.”

Bundesliga managing director Stefan Holz also expressed criticism of the DFB’s approach. “To be honest, I found it very ignorant,” said the head of the Basketball Bundesliga to the “Rheinische Post”. “Another major sport is on the way to writing nothing less than German sports history, and at the same time the DFB is announcing the expulsion of the national coach, knowing or not knowing what triggers such a report.” This shows “that football primarily revolves around itself. And that is probably a bit part of the current problem,” said Holz.

Faeser once again expressed her great joy about the triumph. “I am very proud and very happy. What a basketball team this is! One can only congratulate. Especially Dennis Schröder at the top,” said the Interior Minister, who is also responsible for sport. “We’re looking forward to the Olympic Games next year with a world champion at the start. That’s just great,” said Faeser.

She had to wait a while for the world champions on Tuesday. Because Captain Schröder’s team still had to wait at the airport for the World Cup trophy, their arrival at the headquarters of the main sponsor, ING Bank, was delayed.

Source: Stern

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