Kiss scandal: Rubiales shows remorse: He shouldn’t have acted like that

Kiss scandal: Rubiales shows remorse: He shouldn’t have acted like that

Again there are new statements from Luis Rubiales about the kissing scandal. The ex-president of the Spanish Football Association shows slight remorse. But he also tries to justify again.

Luis Rubiales has shown slight remorse after the kissing scandal at the Women’s World Cup.

“I understand that as association president I shouldn’t have acted like that,” said the 46-year-old on the talk show “Piers Morgan Uncensored”, further clips of which were published on the Internet platform X, formerly Twitter. “I realize that I shouldn’t have done that as president.” However, his intentions were “100 percent not sexually” motivated. The day before, Rubiales resigned from his position.

Rubiales summoned for hearing

At the award ceremony after Spain’s final triumph over England in Sydney on August 20, Rubiales grabbed player Jennifer Hermoso’s head with both hands and kissed her on the mouth. Although Rubiales was now remorseful, he again tried to explain his behavior. “Just before that she picked me up, she didn’t ask me about it. It was just a moment of happiness,” he said.

“What you also have to understand is that the whole time she’s hugging me at the podium, she’s laughing. As she walks away, she’s still laughing.” At the beginning he also claimed that everything had been done by mutual consent.

The 33-year-old contradicted this representation and filed a complaint. In an investigation initiated against Rubiales, the 46-year-old was summoned to an initial hearing at the State Court in Madrid, as the Spanish justice system announced. The examining judge Francisco De Jorge must decide whether Rubiales will be put in the dock for sexual aggression and coercion after the forced kiss on the mouth of world champion Hermoso.

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