National soccer team: Handball boss on coaching search: “Quality is more important than pass”

National soccer team: Handball boss on coaching search: “Quality is more important than pass”

Is the German Football Association breaking a taboo when looking for a national coach and also looking abroad? Handball boss Michelmann advises the DFB to do so.

Handball boss Andreas Michelmann recommends that the German Football Association look without boundaries when looking for a new national coach.

“It’s always about finding the best solution – and quality is more important than the pass. We have ever-improving coaching training in handball. Nevertheless, international impulses on our path have already been worth their weight in gold twice, when I think of Vlado Stenzel and Dagur Sigurdsson,” said the President of the German Handball Association to the German Press Agency.

Origin doesn’t matter

The Croatian Stenzel led the DHB team to a World Cup triumph in 1978, and the Icelander Sigurdsson won European Championship gold in 2016. The current national handball coach also does not have a German passport: the Icelandic Alfred Gislason has held the position since February 2020.

In Michelmann’s opinion, the origin of a national coach plays no role at all. Success factors are rather “expertise, empathy and being able to speak the language of a team”.

After parting ways with Hansi Flick, the DFB is looking for a national coach to lead the team to a successful home European Championship in 2024. DFB President Bernd Neuendorf declared on the sidelines of the international match against runner-up world champions France (2-1) that he did not want to rule out “any option”. In the association’s 123-year history, there has never been a foreign national coach.

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