Italy – Serie A: Cagliari vs Udinese Date 4

Italy – Serie A: Cagliari vs Udinese Date 4
September 14, 2023 – 02:33

We are in the lead-up to the clash between Cagliari and Udinese. When, where and at what time they play, with the refereeing of Daniele Doveri.

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The match between Cagliari and Udinese, for date 4 of the Italy – Serie A 2023-2024 tournament, will be played next Sunday, September 17, starting at 07:30 (Argentina time), at the Sardegna Arena stadium.

The teams arrive with the same need to recover the path of victory although with different previous results. The local team lost on the last day of the tournament, while the visitor rescued a draw at home.

Cagliari wants to recover after suffering a defeat against Bologna by a result of 1 to 2. In recent games this season, they have 1 draw and 1 loss, with 1 goal scored and 4 in their goal.

Udinese comes from drawing 0-0 against Frosinone. In their last 2 games they managed to tie 1 match and lost 1 time. He has managed to score 1 goal and they have scored 4 goals.

In the last five days that they played against each other, the local team has 1 victory and the visitor has 3 victories. They ended 1 game tied. The last time they collided in this competition was on April 3, in the Italia – Serie A TIM 2021-2022 tournament, and it was Udinese who won 5 to 1.

The home team is in nineteenth place and has reached 1 point (1 PE – 2 PP), while the visitor has achieved 2 points and is in seventeenth place in the championship (2 PE – 1 PP).

Daniele Doveri is chosen to lead the party.

Cagliari and Udinese schedule, depending on country

  • Argentina and Chile (Santiago): 07:30 hours
  • Colombia and Peru: 05:30 hours
  • El Salvador, Mexico (Mexico) and Nicaragua: 04:30 hours
  • Venezuela: 06:30 hours

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