Argentina reinforces its application to host the 2030 World Cup: 13 cities join the proposal

Argentina reinforces its application to host the 2030 World Cup: 13 cities join the proposal

He 2030 World Cup It will not be one more since the 100 years of competition. That is why Argentina presented alongside Uruguay, Paraguay and Chili its application to host the tournament and 13 cities have already expressed their interest in participating in the organization.

The thirteen Argentine cities that applied were Mar del Plata, Avellaneda, La Plata, City of Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mendoza, Tucumán, Catamarca, San Juan, Santiago del Estero, Salta, Rosario and San Luis and they are just some of the 46 that offered to host the World Cup among the four nations.

The rest of the candidates correspond to 18 places in Chile, six in Paraguay and nine in Uruguay, in all cases with their capitals. Santiago, Asunción and Montevideo included.

The application for each place can correspond to different levels within the World Cup organizationbe it as a party venue in its stadiumsas a camp training for the selected participants or for activities more related to the tourism (congresses, seminars, fan fests).

The minister of Tourism and Sports, Matías Lammenshighlighted the offer of the provinces and remarked: “This broad response from local governments shows us the magnitude of our candidacy. These types of events enhances the possibilities of the region to attract investments in infrastructure and pushes the economic growth with the consequent creation of employment and improvement of quality of life for the inhabitants”.

P17 – Matias Lammens (_opt.jpeg

Matías Lammens

In the same sense he added: “This candidacy stands on its football traditionin the possibility of development for many of the cities in our countries and in character sustainable of the works that must be carried out, as well as the event itself. “That has to be one of the hallmarks of our World Cup.”

World Cup 2030: why Argentina is applying to host

In the first world cupthe venues were Argentina and Uruguay and this is why for the centenary World Cup they will seek repeat the organization also adding Chile and Paraguay. The candidacy of the four countries was formalized last year in a presentation at the Argentine Football Association grounds.

During September and October, emissaries of the FIFA will visit the four candidate countries to inspect and publicize requirements, regulations and final schedules of the selection process.

The headquarters of World Cup 2030for which they also compete officially Spain-Portugal-Moroccowill be decided by vote of the FIFA Executive Committee during the last quarter of 2024.

The European triad was a strong candidate to stay with the home team of the world Cup although the recent scandal in the Spanish federation with the resignation of its president, Luis Rubiales It could mean a step back in the election process.

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