Argentine Cuello meets American challenger Rudy García

Argentine Cuello meets American challenger Rudy García

Without shining, but with crystal clarity, the undefeated Santa Fe featherweight Mirco Jehiel Cuello passed last night the most severe test of his short career, with a victory by unanimous decision against the American Rudy García, in San Antonio, Texas, where he retained his international featherweight title AMB.

The value of the triumph of the native of Arroyo Seco and based in Villa Constitución lay in overcoming the demands made by the first opponent who stood up to him to exchange blows and resisted the intensity of his proposal.

None of the twelve rivals he had defeated, eleven of them before the limit, challenged Cuello in the center of the ring as did García, who also arrived undefeated, with 13-0-1.

In fact, the Californian won the first round, endured a fall in the fifth and came to listen to the cards exhausted, at the limit, but nevertheless without too many anxieties.

The three members of the jury established the clear differences in favor of the Argentine by identical figures: 99/90.

However, more or less number, Mariano Carrera’s pupil this time lacked the ease, poise and aim that are characteristic of them.

Perhaps because he was facing the most relevant fight of his brief professional career, perhaps due to the authority and strength of García, the Venezuelan knockout was disorderly, hasty and permeable to the aftershocks.

It is true that he hit in a proportion of three against one, especially with his usual expertise in shots to the body, but in any case it is as true as that he suffered moments of permeability and ended the fight with marks on both cheekbones.

In this way, Cuello raised his record to 13-0 with 11 knockouts and consolidated his fourth place in the featherweight ranking of the World Boxing Association (WBA).

The current WBA featherweight champion is the British Leigh Wood (25-2 and 15 KOs) and his official challenger is the Uzbek Otabek Kholmatov (11-0 and 10 KOs).

Cuello has been a professional since November 2020, when he knocked out the Japanese Akihiro Nakamura in the first round, in Rock Hill, South Carolina, to achieve another victory that same year, five in 2021, two in 2022 and another five in the current year .

Six of his victories have been consummated before the first three minutes of the fight and among his losers are, for example, the Venezuelans Flecher Silva and Antonio Guzmán, the Dominican Deyvi Frías and the Mexican Sergio Villalobos, who, like García last night, , he reached all the laps standing.

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