OÖFV invites you to “Ladies talk”: Football has long been a women’s affair

OÖFV invites you to “Ladies talk”: Football has long been a women’s affair
The LASK Arena will once again be the venue for women’s football.
Image: Harald Dostal

Men’s get-togethers where people talk about football take place practically every week – now the Upper Austrian Football Association has also thought of something for its female fans of the sport: 358 women currently hold official positions in Upper Austrian football clubs. A has now been created for this target group “Ladies talk” was launched, which will take place on October 20th in the Linz Raiffeisen Arena.

“We would like to strengthen women’s involvement in football, network them with each other and discuss possible improvements to the framework conditions for carrying out their work”explains OÖFV President Gerhard Götschhofer.

Another goal of this club coaching event, which is supported by the Women’s Department of the State of Upper Austria and the ÖFB, is to motivate women to take on tasks in clubs or associations

Expected from the participants “1908 Club” The LASK home also offers a varied supporting program, which focuses on a keynote speech by LASK Vice President Barbara Niedermayr and an evaluation process accompanied by an expert.

Not only the motives for women’s involvement in football are surveyed, but also the challenges, expectations and needs. “Each of our member clubs could use more supporting hands – and the approach of installing more women in leading positions can make great use of the existing potential”says OÖFV director Raphael Oberndorfinger.

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