River recovered and returned to victory against Arsenal

River recovered and returned to victory against Arsenal

River, In a game that became complicated in the second half, won by 3 to 1 Arsenal at home for the fourth date of Zone A of the Professional League Cup and got into the top four of the table.

With a doublet of Miguel Borja and a perfect right hand from the Uruguayan Nicholas De La CruzThe team of Martin Demichelis They kept the three points to get into the first places, although they left many doubts in the defense in the opening minutes of the complement.

After three minutes, Santiago Simon He scored a filtered ball from the middle of the field for Borja’s explosion but the Colombian slipped and in the fall he managed to chip the ball, which he found ahead of goalkeeper Alejandro Medina and went over him.

It’s already 2 to 0, almost 30 minutes away, River made a very good collective play near the Arsenal area and after a slip by the Paraguayan Alfredo Amarilla, De La Cruz scored the second with a precise finish that left Medina with no chance.

At 12 minutes into the match, the newly introduced Cejas put in a cross from the left that Ignacio Fernández deflected with his head and that dislocated Franco Armani, as the ball went very against the far post and into the goal.

Around the 30th minute mark, referee Fernando Espinoza reviewed an alleged Arsenal handball after a cross from Esequiel Barco, which was validated as a criminal offense. The Colombian scored his double from twelve steps.

Synthesis of River vs. Arsenal for the fourth date of the Professional League Cup

Professional League Cup. Zone A. Date 4.

River 3-1 Arsenal.

Stadium: The Monumental.

Referee: Fernando Espinoza.

VAR: Ariel Penel.

River: Franco Armani Santiago Simón, Paulo Díaz, Ramiro Funes Mori, Milton Casco; Enzo Pérez, Nicolás De La Cruz; Ignacio Fernández, Manuel Lanzini, Esequiel Barco; Miguel Borja. DT: Martín Demichelis.

Arsenal: Alejandro Medina; Lucas Brochero, Néstor Breitenbruch, Joaquín Pombo, Ignacio Geriglio, Adrián Sporle; Alfredo Amarilla, Gonzalo Muscia, Braian Rivero; Lautaro Guzmán and Leandro Moreira.

DT: Federico Vilar.

Goals in the first half: 3m Miguel Borja (R); 29m Nicolás De La Cruz (R).

Goals in the second half: 13m Juan Bautista Cejas (A); 30m Miguel Borja -penalty- (R)

Changes in the second half: at the start Juan Bautista Cejas for Amarilla (A); 24m Facundo Pons for Moreira (A); 25m Juan Cavallaro by Brochero (A); 34m Andrés Herrera by Simón (R); Facundo Colidio for Borja (R); Matías Kranevitter for Lanzini (R); 35m Facundo Cardozo by Sporle (A); 40m Bruno Zuculini by E.

Perez (R); 41m Matías Suárez by I. Fernández (R); 44m Daniel Lucero for Guzmán (A)..

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