The AFA published the first VAR audios in Argentine football

The AFA published the first VAR audios in Argentine football
September 18, 2023 – 10:42

The mother house of Argentine football published for the first time the audios between the main referee and those in the VAR cabin. There are a total of three matches in the highest category.

For the first time in the history of Argentine football, the VAR audios were published. The AFA decided to reveal the conversations between the referees of three matches over the weekend for the Professional League Cup 2023.

The video arbitration system analyzed the controversies left by the matches San Lorenzo vs. racing, Independent vs. Hurricane and Columbus vs. Central Rosary. This way, The promise that Federico Beligoy, director of Argentine arbitration, had made was fulfilled a year and a half later.

The plays published by AFA that the VAR analyzed:

The main controversies occurred in the classic between San Lorenzo and racing. There, two plays were analyzed: a possible penalty handball by an ‘Academy’ player at the beginning of the first half. After several checks, the VAR offers to Fernando Rapallini the review of the play, who decides to call a foul in the area.

The second action that is reviewed is a penalty that the judge sanctions for a handball in the penalty area. San Lorenzo. From the booth they understand that there is no foul and invite the referee again to review the play on the screen. After analyzing the images, Rapallini cancels the penalty and sanctions a goal kick.

Meanwhile, in the match between ‘Rojo’ and ‘Globo’, a possible hit by a player from Hurricane in which the VAR concludes that there is no aggression.

Finally, in the meeting between Colon and Central Rosary a “Canalla” player touches the ball with his hand, but the referee Pablo Echavarria He understood that the person who carried out that action had been the archer Jorge Brounso he shows him the red one.

From the VARthey identified a “identity mistake”so they notify the judge that the expulsion by hand corresponds to Juan Cruz Komar. In this way, the referee annuls the goalkeeper’s card and finally sanctions the defender.

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