Very harsh statements by Augusto Costa towards the Vélez leadership

Very harsh statements by Augusto Costa towards the Vélez leadership

Augusto Costamember of the political space “First Velez”, blamed the ruling party of the Liniers club for the current situation of the institution, stating that “the club worked hard for the members.”

Coast, Minister of Production, Science and Technological Innovation of the province of Buenos Aires, maintained that “We have to recover the club for the members, because this management took a toll on them”he said in statements to the party program “Pasión Fortinera” that is broadcast on YouTube.

The 48-year-old leader stated that “the balance of power in Vélez must be changed, which makes a few privileged people take ownership of a club that has thousands of members.”

“Our goal is to stop the ruling party, the problem in Vélez today is called ‘Renewal Crusade’, which is the current management”Costa stressed.

“The underlying problem that the club has is that it remained in a government and institutional management model that did not adapt to the changes in the context”argued the economist.

Coast He said that three years ago, together with other partners, he formed the “Plan B” space, to think about solutions “not from the current situation, but from more fundamental issues, because the problems that Vélez had been facing required transformations and changes, adapting to the new time”.

That space was integrated together with the Amalfitani Group and Círculo el Fortín to create “Primero Vélez”which will have Fabián Berlanga as its candidate for president for the elections to be held on November 4, to renew the Board of Directors to replace the one chaired by Sergio Rapisarda.

“We want to generate comprehensive development, including professional and amateur football, but also various sports, as well as cultural activities and the Educational Institute, that is the club. We must recover professionalism, transparency and contact with members”considered Costa.

In addition, the Buenos Aires government official headed by the governor Axel Kiciloff He acknowledged that if his list wins, they will ask to carry out “an audit of the last six years” to determine if there were “irregular situations or bad management decisions.”

Finally, and regarding the place it would occupy on the list, Coast he pointed: “My love for Vélez is unconditional, where I have to be will be decided by ‘Primero Vélez’, and I am available”he concluded.

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