Hurricane becomes strong in his house and dreams of salvation

Hurricane becomes strong in his house and dreams of salvation

Huracán beat Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata by 2 to 0 for the fifth date of the Professional League Cup at the Tomás Adolfo Ducó Stadium, in what was a true “final” for permanence.

The winning goals for Huracán were scored by Fabio Pereyra at 6 minutes of the complement and in the fourth addition Walter Mazzantti.

Federico Fattori He was sent off at the “Globo” 45 minutes into the first half.

From the beginning the match was experienced as a true final for permanence in the first division between the “Globo” and the “Lobo”.

The team led by Diego Martinez He had a better pass in the first stage, he handled the ball and knew how to take advantage of the home field in the Tomás A. Ducó to tilt the field towards the goal of Thomas Dursobut it did not create danger for the La Plata goalkeeper.

One of the clearest opportunities in the first half was for “Wolf”. After a good individual play by Matias Abaldohe gave a pass to the middle Benjamin Dominguezwho could not assert himself in a good way and finished badly – in what was a moving penalty -, and the shot was contained in a good way by Lucas Chaves.


At the close of the first half, at 45 minutes, Federico Fattori He was sent off in Huracán, after committing a harsh infraction on the Uruguayan Abaldo that initially the referee Darío Herrera had cautioned him, but after reviewing the play at the request of the VAR -managed by Jorge Baliño- decided to send him off and left his team with one man less for the entire second half.

At the beginning of the complement, at 6 minutes “Globo” opened the scoring after a corner that connected well Rodrigo Echeverria, Durso He responded satisfactorily to save his goal in the first instance, but on the rebound, with the ball over the line, Fabio Pereyra put the home team ahead.

After getting up, Hurricane He took care of the result and even more so considering that he played the entire second half with one less man.

Gym, With few ideas, he went in search of a tie, but Diego Martinez posed a good defensive block that was impossible to break, and also Chaves He responded well to isolated situations that put his fence at risk.

In the fourth minute of addition Walter Mazzantti He finished the game for the local team, scoring only at the far post against a disarmed defense and a semi-defeated goalkeeper from the team. Leonardo Madelon.

With the victory, Huracán (34) left the relegation zone, in which Gimnasia (LP) and Vélez were left, both with 33.

In the standings of Zone A of the LPF Cup, Martínez’s team came third with 9 units, while Madelon is last with 3 points.

On the sixth date, “Globo” will receive Vélez at the Tomás Adolfo Ducó Stadium, while “Lobo” will receive Rosario Central in Bosque de La Plata.

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