Belgrano beat Platense and put Palermo’s continuity in check

Belgrano beat Platense and put Palermo’s continuity in check

Belgrano de Córdoba had a good performance in the complement and surpassed Platense in their stadium, 3 to 0, in a match that was valid for the 5th round of the League Cup and is one of Racing’s escorts in zone B.

The defender Alejandro Rébola at 6 minutes, the steering wheel Matias Marinat 19, and the forward Lucas Passerini (44m.), all in the complement, scored the goals for the Córdoba team.

With this result, the set of Guillermo Farré remains undefeated in the competition and wins again after three draws in a row, to reach 9 points and be, together with Defensa y Justicia, the closest pursuers of the “Academy” (11). Furthermore, the ?B? He has 45 points in the annual table and is excited about getting into the Copa Sudamericana qualification zone.

For those of Martin Palermo It is a new blow that does not allow them to take a hit after obtaining their only victory last date, and they are relegated in this League Cup with 4 points, while they maintain concern in the fight not to be relegated, since in the annual form It reaches 38 points, five more than Gimnasia, which would be relegated if the season ended today.

In this afternoon’s game on the hot afternoon at the beginning of spring in the Alberdi neighborhood, the local team did not look its best in the first half, disconnected between the lines, without good partnerships or individual arrests, so the only hope was through some stopped ball, which had no major significance for the rival goal.

#LaLigaCup 2023 | Date 5 | summary of Belgrano – Platense

This confusion of the local was also partly due to the good work of the visit, because with a very active Ciro Riusadded to the driving of Lucas Ocamposthey managed to dominate the actions and worry, although without too much danger, the goal defended by Nahuel Losada.

Platense made the effort in that initial stage, that dominance did not crystallize on the network, and he paid for it at the start in the complement, when Belgrano He came out from the locker room with another decision and within three minutes he had his first clear chance when Passerini He threw his shot just over the crossbar, after an error by the visiting defense.

Six minutes of the final stage were played when, after a cross from Ulises Sanchezthe center appeared without a mark Rebola to hit with a header and put the 1 to 0.

The “Pirate” settled in with the result in their favor and began to manage the strings of the game, the visitors had no football arguments and showed a physical decline that was capitalized by Belgrano to move the ball and thus generate more volume of play.

In this way, in a well-crafted collective move, Sanchez He reached the bottom on the right and threw a center back that he found in the middle to Marin, who calmly stopped the ball and placed it next to the left post of Ramiro Macagno for 2 to 0.

The game was going away, the “Squid” did not generate any greater danger to score, but it put a lot of people in the rival field, which allowed the local team to come out on the counter, and in that way they achieved the third, when the entered Pablo Chavarria He gained speed through the left sector and found Passerini entering through the middle, so the scorer only had to push to make it 3 to 0.

On the next date “Celeste” will visit Sarmiento de Junín, on Sunday, the same day that Platense will receive Unión de Santa Fe.

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