Portanova, women’s coach, acknowledged that “there are no excuses” for the 8-0 loss against Japan

Portanova, women’s coach, acknowledged that “there are no excuses” for the 8-0 loss against Japan
September 23, 2023 – 13:04


The Argentine coach of the women’s team, Germán Portanova, acknowledged today that “there are no excuses” to explain the 8-0 loss suffered against Japan, as a visitor, in an international friendly.

“There are no excuses for today’s game, we must make a self-criticism. But it is true that we had an eternal journey that did not help us and seven less players in the squad. Most of them starters. It is a very big advantage against a power like Japan,” commented the coach in the subsequent press conference.

Just after two minutes, Argentina was already down in the score, which was completed with goals from Mina Tanaka, Yui Hasegawa, Hana Takahashi, Kiko Seike, Hina Sugita and Riko Ueki.

It is true that Argentina had problems getting to Japan, with delays and cancellations of international flights involved, which complicated the logistics initially planned.

“Today we had a tough defeat but we believe in our work,” he continued.

Argentina has also just been left out in the group zone of the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, with Italy, South Africa and Sweden. There they only added one point as a result of the draw with the South African team.

“We had asked to postpone the game because seven starting players could not come. We wanted to put on a better show, but we had to come for a matter of organization,” he lamented.

“After the long trip we also asked to postpone the game to have a little more rest, which we haven’t had either. There were many factors that determined a result,” Portanova explained.

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