Casa Pia and Vitória Guimarães tied without goals

Casa Pia and Vitória Guimarães tied without goals

Casa Pia and Vitória G. failed to open the scoring in the match corresponding to date 6, played this Saturday at the Estádio Municipal de Rio Maior stadium.

The figure of the meeting was André Geraldes. The defender of Casa Pia was important.

Another of the key footballers at the Estádio Municipal de Rio Maior stadium was Bruno Varela. The Vitória Guimarães goalkeeper had a great performance against Casa Pia.

The match had several reprimands: João Mendes, Gaizka Larrazabal, Manuel Silva, Vasco Fernandes and Artur Serobyan.

Casa Pia’s coach, Filipe Martins, set up a 3-4-3 formation on the field with Ricardo Batista in goal; Vasco Fernandes, Fernando Varela and Nermin Zolotic on the defensive line; Gaizka Larrazabal, Pablo Roberto, Ângelo Neto and Leonardo Lelo in the middle; and Fernando Andrade, Clayton and Yuki Soma in attack.

For their part, those led by João Ribeiro stood with a 3-5-2 strategy with Bruno Varela between the three sticks; Jorge Fernandes, Manuel Silva and Tomás Ribeiro in defense; Bruno Gaspar, Tomás Händel, Tiago Silva, João Mendes and Afonso Freitas in the midfield; and Jota Silva and André Silva up front.

The referee designated for the match was João da Silva Pinheiro.

Casa Pia will visit Gil Vicente on the next matchday, while Vitória G. will receive Estoril at the D. Afonso Henriques stadium.

The local team is in seventh place with 9 points, while the visitor reached 10 points and is in sixth place in the tournament.

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