Talleres gets fully into the fight with a win at home

Talleres gets fully into the fight with a win at home

Talleres was reunited with victory, after beating Barracas Central 4-0 at home, and was within striking distance of the lead, in a match for the sixth date of Zone A of the League Cup Professional.

The Córdoba team settled the dispute in the first stage when they were already winning 3-0 with goals from Andrés Desabatoat 17 minutes, against their fence, Ramon Sosaat 22, and Lucas Suárez, at 47.

Already in the complement, Matias Galarzaat 47 minutes he scored the final 4-0 for Workshops.

In this way, the winner broke a streak of two draws and two losses and already has his mind set on Sunday’s classic against Belgrano de Córdoba at the Mario Alberto Kempes stadium.

Workshops He came out to hit from the beginning and did not forgive: first he reached the opening of the scoreboard with a goal against Saturday after an auction of Nicolas Vallejo that hit the post and hit the goalkeeper in the back. Central Barracks.

The Paraguayan bland He extended the advantage with a right hand from the door of the area, after a bad start by Barracas that he recovered Workshops and although it got dirty in the first instance due to a cover of Desabato, The midfielder was able to extend the score.


When the first half was almost over, Rodrigo Garro crossed a ball from the corner kick and the defender Suarez He came in behind everyone, overtook the defenders and headed home the 3-0 scoreline at the far post to Workshops.

For the complement, Central Barracks tried to score on more than one occasion but paid dearly for the lack of aim and the local team, with a great shot from the newcomer Galarza with his left foot, he sealed the final 4-0.

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