Handball: Bundesliga coach: Handball Commission rejects allegations

Handball: Bundesliga coach: Handball Commission rejects allegations

Former Dortmund handball coach André Fuhr has been exposed to serious allegations for a year. Now he is blaming the review committee. The committee reacts clearly.

The independent review commission appointed by the German Handball Association has defended itself against the allegations made by former Bundesliga coach André Fuhr. Those affected, those involved and witnesses are currently being questioned in a systematic process.

“In this process, Mr. Fuhr will also be heard and given the opportunity to comment on the allegations. This was already communicated to Mr. Fuhr transparently and some time ago,” said Commissioner Bettina Rulofs of the German Press Agency.

Allegations against Fuhr

National players Mia Zschocke and Amelie Berger made serious allegations against the 52-year-old last year. It’s about abuse of power and emotional violence. As a result, other players came forward who said they had suffered psychologically from the former coach’s training methods. Both the Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund and the DHB, where he worked as a U20 coach, then ended their collaboration with Fuhr.

Last week, after a long silence, the accused spoke out about the allegations for the first time and criticized the work of the six-member commission. “I just don’t understand how they want to clarify things without hearing from me,” Fuhr told “Sport Bild”. All calls so far have only been directed at those affected. Could there be an explanation “without having carefully listened to and weighed up all sides,” Fuhr continued.

Rulofs, who researches violence in sports at the Cologne Sports University, made it clear: “The commission determines the time of Mr. Fuhr’s hearing as part of an orderly and systematic review process and regardless of whether Mr. Fuhr is interviewed in the media expresses”.

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