Bundesliga: Eberl to FC Bayern? For Matthew this is clear

Bundesliga: Eberl to FC Bayern?  For Matthew this is clear

Lothar Matthäus advises his former club FC Bayern to sign manager Max Eberl, who has been released from RB Leipzig – but not immediately. Eberl comes out of the RB contract for a transfer fee of 5 million euros.

For record national player Lothar Matthäus, Max Eberl’s credibility did not suffer due to his quick exit as sports director at RB Leipzig.

“I don’t see it that way,” Matthäus wrote in his column for the Sky channel: “Even though he may have been away a lot, he still did a good job in Leipzig. Max has a large network and a lot of experience in his job. ” And also: “The lack of commitment to the club and the city, which Leipzig accused him of, would not exist in Munich.”

Million transfer fee

The separation from Eberl after less than a year in office was justified by RB with the lack of commitment to Leipzig. The former Gladbach manager has been linked with a possible move to FC Bayern. According to dpa information, the Saxons are demanding around five million euros if the 50-year-old wants to work for a new club. RB and Eberl have agreed on this.

“For me, Eberl’s return to Munich is what people in Bavaria call ‘a gmahde Wiesn’,” said Matthäus. He is sure that the former Bayern player Eberl will “join FC Bayern in the next – a maximum of twelve months”. However, the 1990 world champion advised against a quick commitment because it would “look stupid”.

Should Eberl move to Bayern as sports director, Matthäus believes Uli Hoeneß would withdraw a little more from day-to-day business. “Uli will certainly never let go completely, but Eberl would be a Hoeneß man, an FC Bayern man. He also used to play in Munich and the contact has never been broken.” Either way, Matthäus is sure: “With Eberl, FC Bayern would be more orderly and the club would be clearly structured.”

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