On date 2 of group B AEK and Ajax will face each other

On date 2 of group B AEK and Ajax will face each other
October 4, 2023 – 01:10

All the details of the preview of the match between AEK and Ajax, which will be played tomorrow from 1:45 p.m. (Argentina time) at the AEK Arena stadium. Directed by Matej Jug.

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AEK awaits the visit of Ajax tomorrow, to play the match for date 2 of group B of the Europa League 2023-2024 tournament, starting at 1:45 p.m. (Argentina time).

The home team registered a victory in their last match of the current season, while the visiting team will enter the match after a 3-3 draw last date.

AEK beat Brighton and Hove 3-2.

Ajax drew 3-3 against Olympique Marseille the previous day.

With 3 points and 3 goals scored, aEK will seek to remain in first place in its Group B. For its part, Ajax is in third place, with 1 unit and 3 scores.

Matej Jug was appointed to control the match.

AEK and Ajax schedule, depending on country

  • Argentina and Chile (Santiago): 1:45 p.m.
  • Colombia and Peru: 11:45 hours
  • El Salvador, Mexico (Mexico) and Nicaragua: 10:45 hours
  • Venezuela: 12:45 hours

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