England – Premier League: Everton vs Bournemouth Date 8

England – Premier League: Everton vs Bournemouth Date 8
October 4, 2023 – 02:12

In the preview of Everton vs Bournemouth, everything you need to know about the event that is scheduled for this Saturday, October 7 from 11:00 (Argentina time) at the Goodison Park stadium. The appointed referee will be David Coote.

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Next Saturday, October 7, starting at 11:00 (Argentine time), Bournemouth visits Everton at the Goodison Park stadium, for the duel corresponding to date 8 of the England – Premier League 2023-2024 tournament.

Both teams will seek victory to climb the standings, after having been defeated in the match that each played the previous date.

Everton was defeated at Goodison Park against Luton Town by 1-2 on the scoreboard. In the last games of this season, they have won 1, tied 1 and lost 2. They scored 7 goals and have scored 6.

Bournemouth comes into this match after losing 0-4 against Arsenal. In the last matches, they tied twice and lost twice. With 3 goals in favor, they have received 11 against.

The negative streak in their stadium accompanies Everton and they cannot prevail at the Goodison Park stadium.

In the most recent games played this season, they never had a draw: the home team won twice and the away team won three times. The last time they played against each other in this tournament was on May 28, in the England – Premier League 2022-2023 tournament, and Everton won 1-0.

The host is in sixteenth place with 4 points (1 PG – 1 PE – 5 PP), while the visitor accumulates 3 units and is in nineteenth place in the championship (3 PE – 4 PP).

The next matchday will bring with it the most anticipated confrontation for Everton: the Merseyside derby against Liverpool. The eternal rivals will play on October 21, starting at 08:30 (Argentine time), at the Anfield stadium.

The person in charge of dispensing justice in the match will be David Coote.

Everton and Bournemouth schedule, depending on country

  • Argentina and Chile (Santiago): 11:00 am
  • Colombia and Peru: 09:00 hours
  • El Salvador, Mexico (Mexico) and Nicaragua: 08:00 hours
  • Venezuela: 10:00 a.m.

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