San Lorenzo: this is how the four lists for the elections were confirmed

San Lorenzo: this is how the four lists for the elections were confirmed
October 24, 2023 – 2:47 p.m.

The representatives of the political spaces that will participate in the San Lorenzo election process, which will take place on Sunday, December 17, were defined.

Four lists They will be the ones who will participate in the presidential electionss in San Lorenzo de Almagrowhich will be held next December 17after the postponement of the elections in 2022, as confirmed last night after the closing of the presentations.

The candidates

The presidential candidates are the ruling party Sergio Costantino by the group “For the Love of San Lorenzo”; Marcelo Moretti by “Boedo in Action”; Caesar Francis by “Return to San Lorenzo”; and Marcelo Culotta by “Sanlorencista Order and Progress”.

In the case of the ruling party, for now it only confirmed Costantino as a presidential candidate, but he is still waiting for confirmation of who will be his running mate for the elections. For now, it emerged that he could be a former soccer player. San Lorenzobut it is not official at the moment.

In addition, last week from that space they confirmed that they will be on the list Sebastian Torrico and Juan Ignacio Merciertwo references of the American champion team in 2014.

In the case of Morettiwill have as his running mate Nestor Navarror, a livestock businessman who was in his working group for the truncated 2022 elections, and his strong letter will be Nestor Ortigozaa Sanlorencista idol, as the first vocalist.

Another candidate, who was also ready to be in 2022, is Caesar FrancisWith Christian Mera in the formula, as in past presentations.

The fourth option for the “Ciclón” partners will be Marcelo Culottaone of the men flagged with the return to the neighborhood of Boedo. His running mate will be the businessman Alejandro Tamerone of the founders of the travel site Despegar.

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