River denounced the producer of the recitals for the damage to the playing field

River denounced the producer of the recitals for the damage to the playing field
October 25, 2023 – 12:36

River’s leadership initiated legal action for damages to the producer of the recitals in a statement issued this Tuesday for “failures in the assembly of the show” and anticipated “corresponding penalties” that will make the costs of the arrangements borne by them.

The leadership of River announced that it will start a lawsuit to the producer of the recital, DF Entertainment, that took place last week due to failures in the assembly of the show that caused “a deterioration in the state of the playing field and the damage caused” in it More Monumental Stadium.

A few months ago, the leadership of River signed a contract for 15 million dollars to hold 20 recitals in its stadium. However, that will not be your real income, since the amount is pesified and devalued. Here are the consequences, in addition to the enormous discomfort of members and fans.

River’s harsh statement:

“Within the framework of the agreement for holding recitals, which constitutes one of the three sources of financing for the works of our Stadium, we inform that the playing field that will be below its usual level during the next match against Club Atlético Independiente, River Plate will execute the corresponding compensation and penalty clauses, included in the contract with the production company.”they reported this afternoon before the game that tonight he will play with the Avellaneda team.


Furthermore, in the statement the club added that “the programming of new shows will be put on hold – beyond those scheduled and with tickets sold to date – until the non-recurrence of these damages is guaranteed, since the care of our heritage and the competition is and will always be above any other interest.”

Finally, the stadium offices considered that the playing field “It is at 6 points out of 10” and they clarified that no structural issues have been affected and that he will be in optimal conditions for the next match against Hurricane (some versions indicated today that the meeting before Instituteof Cordovathe last as a local in the League Cupcould be moved to Unique Stadium-Mother of Citiesof Santiago del Estero).

The list of recitals missing from the Monumental until December 2023:

  • 11/09: Taylor Swift.
  • 11/10: Taylor Swift.
  • 11/11: Taylor Swift.
  • 11/21: Roger Waters.
  • 11/22: Roger Waters.
  • 11/24: Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
  • 11/26: Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
  • 01/12: Duki.
  • 12/03: Duki.
  • 12/08: So Bionic.

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