Bundesliga: Mainz sticks with Coach Svensson: “There is no question”

Bundesliga: Mainz sticks with Coach Svensson: “There is no question”

After nine games without a win, a coach usually has to worry about his job. But when it comes to the bottom team from Mainz, those responsible are still relying on Bo Svensson.

Football teacher Bo Svensson is still not available at FSV Mainz despite the ongoing negative series of nine games without a win.

“The coaching question doesn’t arise for us. The position is exactly the same as it was two, three or four weeks ago. One hundred percent backing, one hundred percent trust in Bo,” said sports director Martin Schmidt yesterday after the 2:2 (0:1) in the basement duel the bottom of the table at VfL Bochum.

Instead, Schmidt took the professionals from the bottom of the table to task: “At some point the team is called upon. There has to be more from the team.”

Despite Tom Krauss’s late and lucky equalizer in the sixth minute of added time, Schmidt made no secret of his dissatisfaction: “The equalizer glosses over the performance a little. Even though the goal was scored, it’s no use if we sugarcoat the game. Everyone The team has to question whether this is the performance we want to deliver on the pitch.”

“We stand together”

The 56-year-old Swiss thought the clear words were appropriate. “We stand together. But standing together doesn’t mean that we want to be comfortable. Standing together means that we have to form a bandwagon. We have to approach games as necessary in the relegation battle. We didn’t see that in the first half,” he said, referring to the guests’ weak first 45 minutes.

Coach Svensson also didn’t seem satisfied after the 2-2 draw: “The first half was far, far away from what we want to show. I can live with the second half. If we had performed like that for 90 minutes, it would be okay. But unfortunately We were there for 45 minutes, which must have made us all think.”

The head coach also included himself in the criticism: “You also question yourself. In the end, I have the responsibility to position the boys correctly, both tactically and mentally.”

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