The “cholitas” challenged gender stereotypes on bicycles

The “cholitas” challenged gender stereotypes on bicycles

Buenos Aires, October 28 (NA Special, by El Implacable) — Bolivian indigenous women, known as cholitas, participated in a bicycle race in El Alto last Saturday in the hope of challenging gender stereotypes, international agencies reported.

Known as ‘polleras’, these colorful skirts are traditional dresses of the country

Araceli Quispe, a participant, declared: “Women in skirts were born to be powerful, to be something more. Let them motivate themselves, let them train, let them continue with any sport, with any study they propose, and achieve each of them. the goals they have.”

Indigenous women, known as ‘cholitas’, have long faced social and racial discrimination, it was made clear at the meeting.

Rosario Ticona, another of the participants, commented: “My fellow sisters are women in skirts who competed today.

“Here is also an opportunity for them to not only be at home, it’s not just cooking, washing, it’s also exercising, competing, and each of them has achieved their goals.”


The tragic death of a former world skating champion.

Colombian Luz Mery Tristán died from injuries caused by a firearm in what could be a case of femicide.

The 60-year-old woman was shot five times in a rural area west of Cali and later succumbed to her injuries, local media reported.

The main suspect is a businessman who had a relationship with the victim and was found by the Police under the influence of alcohol and drugs when he was arrested.

The two were going to get married and, in fact, the invitations for the wedding had been sent to each other, said a source close to the couple.

Tristán was the Pan-American skating champion at the age of 20 and later won the 1990 World Cup in Bello, Antioquia.

He also switched to cycling and was part of the Colombian team for the Grande Boucle in 1986.

After retiring from the slopes, he dedicated himself to training skaters.

The issue even moved the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro.



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