Hurricane can’t get its head out of the sand

Hurricane can’t get its head out of the sand

Huracán drew goalless against Barracas Central, at home, and remains complicated in the relegation zone in the annual table. By the 11th date. of zone A of the Professional League Cup, “Globo” played poorly and nervously and was closer to losing it than winning it against “guapo”, who finished with one less due to the expulsion of Rodrigo Insúa 43 minutes into the second half.

Coach Diego Martínez also saw red after referee Ariel Penel’s final whistle for protesting.

After the great victory they achieved in La Paternal against Argentinos Juniors, the team Diego Martinez took a step back in the fight for permanence since they only added one of six at home and could end the date in the relegation zone if Tiger beats Godoy Cruz in victory.

The “consolation” for the Parque Patricios team is that with 17 points they are in the qualifying zone for the quarterfinals.

Central Barrackstenant of the “globe” due to its location in the “Palacio”, added an important point that allowed it to end a streak of two consecutive defeats but remains at the bottom of the table in zone A with 12 points.

In a very hard-fought match, Hurricane He was never able to find a way around Barracas’ approach and ended up closer to losing it than winning it.

#CopaSurFinanzas 2023 | Date 11 | Hurricane summary – Barracas

The archer Lucas Chaves he headbutted Francisco Alvarez at 19 minutes of the second half and at 26 Bruno Sepulveda another hit the crossbar.

The “globe” pushed and was close with approaches but never demanded the goalkeeper Andrés Desabato.

Huracán will have to go for the feat at the Monumental stadium next Friday against the unbeatable River Plate to recover the points it lost at home.

The fans once again expressed their anger with the leadership at the end of the match due to the team’s delicate present.

Barracas Central, for its part, will play again at the Tomás A. Ducó but at home against Rosario Central in search of the victory that will bring it closer to the goal of remaining in the category.

Huracán vs Barracas Central stats and scores

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