The provocative phrase from the mayor of Rio de Janeiro to Boca

The provocative phrase from the mayor of Rio de Janeiro to Boca
October 31, 2023 – 15:53

Eduardo Paes shared a series of messages on his social networks. Among others, he launched an explosive chicane directed at the Xeneizes fans.

The mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paesheated the final of the Copa Libertadores four days away Mouth and Fluminense faces could be seen and he called out the Argentine team, who he assured would become “sad and defeated”.

The highest authority of the state left a message through his Instagram account in which he referred to the commitment that his city will host and did not hesitate: “Next Saturday Fluminense will be champion of the Libertadores and the tricolors will be able to celebrate”.

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Eduardo Paes.

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Although he is a fan of Vasco da Gama, Paes He showed himself in favor of the local team and launched a provocative phrase for the Xeneizes fans: “For the Argentines we have the structure prepared at the Sambódromo. They are going to leave sad and defeated by Fluminense. They are going to be runners-up”.

This is not the first time Paes makes any public statement about the final, since two weeks ago he used his Twitter account to make a spicy comment also directed at the fans of Mouth.

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The politician responded to a post from the party account “La 12 Tuittera” in which they stated that around 150 thousand fans They would be present in the city November 4th and shot: “My God!!! Don’t make a lot of garbage, please, gentlemen and ladies of garbage! Thank you!”.

On the other hand, Paes reported that they are in dialogue with the leadership of Flu to move the team celebration area to Cinelandia: “Given the limited space available in the Laranjeiras (area where they were initially going to meet) we are talking to him Fluminense to install a giant screen in the cinemaso that those who do not have a ticket, They can watch the game with their fans!“.

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