Rare trainer loyalty: How long can Fischer and Co. continue to lose?

Rare trainer loyalty: How long can Fischer and Co. continue to lose?

Urs Fischer and Steffen Baumgart were successful coaches for years – this season things are not going well at all. About the trust of clubs, which is becoming increasingly rare in professional football.

Win or fly – this motto, which is feared by coaches in professional football, currently seems to be out of force at some Bundesliga clubs.

Urs Fischer has lost eleven games in a row at 1. FC Union Berlin, and things aren’t going well for Steffen Baumgart and his 1. FC Köln this season either. Since Tuesday evening, both coaches have also been eliminated from the DFB Cup.

The situation is clear for both. “We are in an absolutely shitty situation at the moment,” said Baumgart after Effzeh’s sobering 3-2 defeat at second division club 1. FC Kaiserslautern. “But we’re the only ones who can get us out. That’s just the way it is. We just have to do it.”

Nothing is going on at Union

Fischer and Union were eliminated 1-0 at VfB Stuttgart by a currently strong Bundesliga team, but the decline is even more unprecedented. The sensational entry into the Champions League and several outstanding seasons was followed by a sporting decline from September 2023. After stars like Leonardo Bonucci and Robin Gosens were signed, there was defeat after defeat. Fischer seems increasingly perplexed. What’s next for the deserving coaches who are fully valued in the clubs and who currently don’t want to succeed at anything?

At least Fischer isn’t too worried. Of course the situation was not pleasant, said the Swiss after the next serious setback. Ultimately, those responsible would have to decide. But he could “really say that I can work in peace,” said the 57-year-old. After the final whistle, Fischer complained vehemently to referee Sascha Stegemann about a decision and then saw the red card.

“I think the club has made a clear statement about this. It’s not primarily about me personally, but about us,” said Fischer, commenting on his situation. “It’s about the club’s success. That we try together to get out of this situation.” Manager Oliver Ruhnert had Fischer’s back after the 2-0 defeat in the league at Werder Bremen last weekend.

Only Ausgburg changed (so far)

It is no coincidence that despite the weak league performance of Union and Cologne as well as FSV Mainz 05, only FC Augsburg has changed its coach so far. The clubs, including Mainz with Bo Svensson, remain loyal to their successful coaches even in a tough phase. There has so far been no serious speculation about a replacement at all three clubs. And this despite the fact that the first third of the season is almost over. If the league pauses again in November due to international matches, the clubs could still have problems if they continue to lack success.

Fischer led Union first into the Bundesliga and then spectacularly into various European cups. Baumgart, who is still a member of Union in addition to his coaching work, and Svensson saved their clubs from going into the second division during severe turbulence. And Baumgart even spent a season in international business with Cologne. Hardly any other coach leads as charismatically and passionately as the 51-year-old, who himself is suffering from the situation: “All in all, we are in a shitty situation in which it doesn’t make anything better if I say some shit here,” said the trainer.

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