Boca-Fluminense Final: Aerolíneas Argentinas scheduled more than 40 flights to Rio de Janeiro

Boca-Fluminense Final: Aerolíneas Argentinas scheduled more than 40 flights to Rio de Janeiro

To the 19 regular weekly games were added 21 special flightswith which more than 6,000 “xeneizes” fans They will arrive between this Thursday and Saturday in the city of Rio.

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The main novelty are the twenty-one chartersa series that began this Wednesday with the departure of first special flight from the Ezeiza airport Course to The Galeão. The rest of the type flights charter will be concentrated mainly between Thursday and Friday, with departures from both Buenos Aires airport like since Ezeiza.

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The regular operation of Argentinian airlines has up to three daily flights to Rio and a total of 19 weekly. In both cases, the flights meet all its places sold. It is estimated that between regular operation and special flights, the company will have mobilized more than 6,000 Boca fans to Rio de Janeiro. In addition, they will do the same on the company’s flights to Saint Paul and Iguazu.

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Argentinian airlines regularly performs transfers of Argentine teams that compete in international competitions. Thus, he made 18 special flights on the occasion of Qatar World Cup 2022 in which they moved more than 4,500 Argentine fans.

What should Boca fans traveling to Rio de Janeiro keep in mind?

The expected “invasion” of more than 100,000 Boca Juniors fans for the final of the Libertadores Cup in view of Fluminense of the Saturday, November 4 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazilcaused the Argentine consular authorities of the wonderful city to launch a instructive so that the supporters avoid legal problems and violence during your stay in the country.

The Consulate General of Argentina in Rio de Janeiro, Ana Emilia Sarrabayrousesent to the authorities of Mouth and the security forces of the Argentina recommendations to be disseminated among fans of the “Xeneize” team who will play the final of the Libertadores Cup in the stadium Maracana.

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According to the instructions, which Télam accessed, first of all it is recommended avoid actions that may constitute racismbecause it is a hate crime that cannot be released from prisonfor which fans of Boca Juniors and of San Lorenzo de Almagro.

“The racist and xenophobic songs and gestures constitute a Serious felony that entails sentences of up to five years in prison and is not releaseable“says the text released by the consulate.

It is also recommended “avoid any type of provocation to the Brazilian people”alert that “drug consumption is seriously punished in Brazil”asks to “use only tickets obtained through official channels“and travel” with traveler insurance wide coverage that provides legal assistance“.

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