SVR get-together with Senft and sports director Fiala

SVR get-together with Senft and sports director Fiala
SV Ried coach Maximilian Senft
Image: (Streif)

Sports director Wolfgang Fiala, coach Maximilian Senft and two players are available to discuss. All members and season ticket holders of SV Ried are invited. Registration is not required. SV Ried takes care of the first drink. You can take out an SVR membership for 75 euros in the office or online (svried.at/membership).

“A big goal of the team for this season is to get the fans back on board and to develop a common strength. This is of course possible with good sporting results, but also with events like this. That’s why it’s very important to us, this fan -Stammtisch. In the past, there have always been great personalities in Ried like Paul Gludovatz or Klaus Roitinger, who were close to the fans and at the same time down-to-earth. The charisma of the two is unmatched, but we are doing our best to continue this tradition “says sports director Fiala.

“The relationship between fans, players and supervisors is extremely important to me. ‘When you talk, people come together’ is a motto that has influenced me since I was a child. Accordingly, I’m really looking forward to this evening together,” says coach Senft.

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