Claudio Tapia, dismissed by the Crime Chamber: “There was no crime”

Claudio Tapia, dismissed by the Crime Chamber: “There was no crime”

The Crime Chamber of the City of Buenos Aires ratified the definitive dismissal to Claudio Tapiahead of the Argentine Football Association, in the case initiated by the false complaint presented by the employer Guillermo Tofoniowner of the World Eleven company who accused him of a alleged violation of an agreement what he gave to the businessman “the responsibility of managing the friendly matches” of the Argentine national team.

This afternoon the appeal file was released, in which the decision was confirmed of the second instance body, in favor of Claudio Tapia.


The progress of the case: Ercolini’s previous sentence

This ruling confirmed what was sentenced by the Federal Judge, Julian Ercoliniwho also dismissed Tapia due to lack of crime. Likewise, the AFA stated that It was “a false complaint.”, because there was no crime committed. The AFA never gave up exclusively the rights because “She is the original owner.”.

In the main presentation, the AFA lawyers explained that the statute of the institution “is clear”, since it establishes that “the signature of the president of the AFA on a contract, It is not valid if it is not accompanied for that of general secretary. In this case it would be that of Víctor Blanco, president of Racing.”

“Chiqui” Tapia dismissed: what the Crime Chamber said

“In effect, the judge of the previous instance adequately weighed the demonstrations of the complainant, as well as the defense of the accused and arrived at the same corollary as Mr. Fiscal Agent: the non-existence of a conflict of a criminal nature”, the ruling begins by saying in favor of the head of the AFA.

As mentioned, both parties to the case They highlighted the existence of file 2191/2023pending before the National Court of First Instance in Commercial no. 7, Secretariat no. 14, in which framework the effective validity and validity of the contract referred to by the complainant, at the time of the initiation of these actions.

“Chiqui” Tapia dismissed: how the case turned out

The conflict that arose between the parties was actually presented as an interpretive divergence around a contract, whose weighting exceeds the nature of this jurisdictionwarranting treatment under commercial jurisdiction. Which, precisely, is already being intervened.

On the other hand, with respect to the alleged money laundering maneuver reported, it should be noted that “There are no elements to support this. They are orphan accusations of other elements, which also prevent inferring a possible relationship with the facts that gave rise to these actions”.

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