Boca-Fluminense: Who will win the Libertadores according to astrologers?

Boca-Fluminense: Who will win the Libertadores according to astrologers?

Some specialists on the subject point out that the Brazilian team “did witchcraft”while others assure that there will be a penalty shootout, the specialty of the team Almirón who reached the final stage having won all previous series by that means.

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Copa Libertadores final: what astrologers say

The Ecuadorian psychic and astrologer Shirley Barahona said, in dialogue with Noticias Argentinas, that “the number 7 is the number of God. Boca has gone through many ups and downs this year, it does not enjoy a winning streak,” although she stressed that “if it reaches win the Cup, which is 80 percent likelycan go through ups and downs during the game that take to penalties“.

Fluminense did witchcraft and has its own. In the 2008 Copa Libertadores where they reached the final against Liga de Quito, the Ecuadorians They had an entourage of witches who took care of them and champions came out at the Maracaná. Be careful, if they go to penalties, luck will reverse and Boca may not win“Barahona added.

On Monday, the squad Fluminense was at the hotel Tijuca Bar where Boca and, as it was learned, the “Flu” footballers are staying They went to eat before the trip to Bahia. for the match they played on Tuesday for the Brazilian.

For its part, Giorgio Armas, recognized for being Boca’s astrologer, he asked the club’s fans to “start praying from now” because the match is being played “in Brazil, with their sporting advantage, with them in the hotel.” He expressed: “I can’t understand why they can be there before, could it be to manage something or leave us something?”

Despite slipping that the Rio team did witchcraft “works” on the premisesArmas was optimistic for Saturday: “If they try to do something negative it will work against them because we are on a planet of justice which is Saturn.“.

“With Palmeiras it was something similar, They protected themselves very well with the salt around the stadiumthey fought to wear the shorts whitethat something was going to happen to them and that’s why in the second half they expelled (Marcos) Rojo and they came on top. We played five more minutes and we were out.“added Armas about the semifinal match that ended in a tie in the 90s and that had Boca as the winner after the penalty shootout.

The astrologer Juan Cruz Sirius made a report on his page “Sports astrology” in which it was based on the birth chart of both clubs to visualize an overview of the final.

“Boca, as I have been saying since the beginning of the year, was favored by the entry of Jupiter into Taurus. Especially between August and September when Jupiter was stationed at 14º Taurus where Boca has its natal Venus. Coincidentally, it was on those dates that he won three penalty shootouts. For the final Jupiter will no longer be in 14º Taurus, but is located in 10º. That is moved away from the position of its natal Venus and that is something that it takes away a little positive force“he indicated.

And he continued: “The Boca solar revolution (April 2023-April 2024) is very beneficial. The location of the Sun set to Jupiter in the 1st House of the chart is very favorable. The same goes for the conjunction of the North Node benefit to the club’s natal Jupiter.”

Regarding Fluminense, Sirius analyzed: “If one observes its general transits, I notice that For these weeks Pluto is forming exact opposition to the club’s Sun (28º Cancer). This seems like a very hard traffic and even worse than that of Saturno/MC de Boca. The RS of Fluminense It does not seem as positive as Boca’s because it has a Saturn/Moon/Mars opposition in addition to Pluto opposing the Sun also in the annual chart”.

However, he continued: “I investigated the astrological history of Fluminense and when he became champion for the first time In 1970 it looked like this (Neptune trine Sun). Will it be enough for you? This is where the time, the aspects to the ascendant, the midheaven, the directions, in which house the planets are located, etc. take on so much importance.”

“I observe a great paritysince as I explained, both clubs have tense aspects for these weeks. But those of Fluminense seem to me to be more negatives, that’s why I think that Boca has a slight advantage for this final,” concluded Juan Cruz Sirius, who also detailed that between 17 and 19 minutes of both halves They will be the moments with the highest probability of goals or transcendental plays.

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