Brazil’s main sports channel repudiates violence against Boca fans: “Cowards”

Brazil’s main sports channel repudiates violence against Boca fans: “Cowards”
November 3, 2023 – 11:30

The Brazilian press criticized and repudiated the acts of violence suffered by Boca fans by a faction of the Fluminense brava group this Thursday on the beaches of Copacabana.

Violence against fans Mouthon the beach of Copacabana exercised by a faction of the brave bar of Fluminense and the police, was repudiated today on the main news channel in Brazil, SportTVfrom the media network Balloon.

“It was an act of cowardice against the Boca Juniors fans”said the driver Carlos Eduardo Mansurone of the main football commentators in Brazilduring the program “Pass Exchange”when commenting on the violence carried out against the fans of Mouth on the beach of Copacabanain the vigil towards the end of the Libertadores Cup on Saturday at Maracana stadium.


This Thursday, a faction of the organized fans Young Flu invaded the sand Copacabana without police resistance to rob and attack fans of Mouth who were sitting sunbathing and singing near the FanZone installed by the Conmebol.

“What was experienced in Rio is very sad, it was cowardice, violence against families, Rio loses an opportunity to show the world how beautiful it is to receive tourists”said Mansurwhich clarified that the perpetrators of the attack “It wasn’t all the Fluminense fans but a group.”

For today, the fans of Mouth They called for a flag in Copacabanain the midst of strong tension generated by the repression carried out last night by the militarized police, who cleared the beach by launching tear gas and running away at the Argentine fans who were there, even having a barbecue on the sand.

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