“La 12” arrives in Rio de Janeiro: what can happen?

“La 12” arrives in Rio de Janeiro: what can happen?

The Rio de Janeiro Military Police set up a special operation to surround the 400 members of the Boca bar that will be in Brazil and they travel along two different paths: on one side go the bosses and their inner circle and on the other side the third and fourth lines move, their entry guaranteed, but with a journey that is not pleasant.

The leaders Rafael Di Zeo and Mauro Martin They will leave in the early hours of Saturday on a charter flight and be. There will be almost 100 who get on the plane, they even made contact with the immigration and security authorities of the neighboring country, who are waiting for them there around five in the morning.

On the other hand, of Federal capital They left six microphones that in addition to carrying 240 bars He also had in the warehouses many of the two-by-one meter stick flags that will dress the stands of Mouth and a good part of the percussion. Along the way, more buses will be added until reaching 60, according to the information handled by the Government.

Everyone will meet at the post Migrations in Missions to pass together to Brazilian soil, but that is only part of the flood of Mouth since the information handled by the Sports Safety Committee is that they are almost 200 microphones with fans who will be going to the Maracana.

Monitoring of the situation will be given by two members of the Committee and three officers Police who arrived on Thursday at Rio de Janeiro. The first focus will be on “The 12″ although they estimate that it will be the least problematic because she already arranged to be escorted to the stadium more than two hours before.

The problem scenario actually covers two other sources: the buses with fans of clubs and branches that will leave from the Sambadromewhich is the place given for the concentration of fans of Mouth and the people who travel on their own to the Maracana.

About the latter there are all kinds of warnings Copacabana and surrounding areas so that they do not travel by car but by subway and get off at the station Sao Cristovaowhich is 800 meters from the stadium.

Likewise, the biggest problem is with all those who do not have tickets: although at the request of the Eargentine embassy in command of Daniel Scioli A fan fest will be set up where the troupes usually parade, it is estimated that there will be thousands of fans without tickets who will still come to the Maracana to try to get something for resale (today the cheapest ones were being listed on $1,800) or directly avoid the fences and sneak in.

Given this situation, Argentine security itself is warning that the Rio Military Police It is usually not very forgiving and is prepared to repress.

Meanwhile, the authorities are on alert for what may happen this Friday from 4 p.m., when the flag of fans of Mouth in the heart of Copacabanawhere the famous Quiosque Buenos Aires is located on the sidewalk that overlooks the beach.

The Police It is estimated that there may be thousands of people singing, jumping and that could cause problems throughout the area, so special care is required.

Furthermore, the post-match is worrying: in case of becoming champion, Mouth will just return to the Argentina on Sunday at 5:20 p.m. That same day but first thing in the morning the charter flight with the bar will also take off. Mouth Course to Ezeiza. So it is estimated that if there is an Olympic return for the team Almironeveryone will want to go to celebrate at the hotel where they are staying Mouthhe Hilton Barraand there a large security operation will have to be carried out so that the party is not tarnished.

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