Hurricane hit River in the Monumental and came out of relegation

Hurricane hit River in the Monumental and came out of relegation

Huracán gave the surprise and defeated River 2 to 1, as a visitor, in a match valid for the twelfth round of the League Cup, played tonight at the Monumental stadium.

Walter Mazzanti opened the account for Huracán, about 4 minutes into the second half, while Gonzalo Martínez scored the partial tie in the 37th minute, and Franco Alfonso gave the visiting team the victory by converting in the 42nd minute.

Thanks to this victory, Huracán moved away from the relegation zone, as it gained three points in the annual table from Sarmiento, Unión and Colón, the most committed. In addition, they finished second in zone A, behind River, which fell on their court after 20 games.

In the first half, the team led by Martín Demichelis controlled the game and sought to hurt the rival area.

After 5 minutes, Ignacio Fernández had the first, after a shot at the door of the area that ended in a corner due to a rebound from an opponent.

At 20 minutes, Manuel Lanzini sent a powerful shot that came inches from Lucas Chaves’ right post, and Rodrigo Aliendro immediately caused concern with a header that went just wide.

River was more than its opponent, but at the start of the complement it found itself at a disadvantage, when Mazzanti took advantage of a bad start by Armani, after a cross from the left, and opened the scoring.

Forced, River went forward in search of an equalizer and almost achieved it with the Venezuelan Rondón, who finished just wide, then Lanzini and Solari also had it.

Until at 31 minutes, Gonzalo “Pity” Martínez scored a free kick from the crescent and pierced the Huracán barrier to score 1 to 1. Two minutes later, referee Falcón Pérez annulled Leandro González Pirez’s goal for a previous hand by Paulo Díaz.

But at the end, the newly introduced Franco Alfonso finished cross against Armani’s right post to convert and give Huracán a huge victory.


This is the summary:

River 1 – Hurricane 2

Stadium: Monumental

Referee: Yael Falcón Pérez

VAR: Nazareno Arasa.

River: Franco Armani; Santiago Simón, Leandro González Pirez, Paulo Díaz, Milton Casco; Enzo Pérez, Rodrigo Aliendro; Ignacio Fernández, Esequiel Barco, Manuel Lanzini; Salomón Rondón. DT: Martín Demichelis.


Hurricane: Lucas Chaves; Lucas Souto, Fabio Pereyra, Lucas Carrizo, Cesar Ibañez; Rodrigo Echeverría, Federico Fattori, William Alarcón, Héctor Fértoli; Walter Mazzantti and Ignacio Pussetto. DT: Diego Martínez.


Goals in the second half: 4m Walter Mazzantti (H), 31m Gonzalo Martínez (R), 42m Franco Alfonso (H).


Changes in the second half, at the beginning, Nicolás De La Cruz for Aliendro (R); 17m Pablo Solari by Barco (R); 19m Matías Cóccaro by Pussetto (H); 29m Gonzalo Martinez for I.Fernandez (R) and Guillermo Benitez for Fértoli (H); 40 Facundo Colidio by Lanzini; Jonatan Maidana for González Pirez (R) and Franco Alfonso for Mazzantti (H).

Source: Ambito

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