Lothar Matthäus has “no problem” with Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel

Lothar Matthäus has “no problem” with Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel

The dispute between Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel and the TV experts is entering another round. After the game between Borussia Dortmund and FC Bayern Munich, Tuchel teased Lothar Matthäus in a TV interview. He reacts calmly.

Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel continued his personal dispute with record national player Lothar Matthäus even after the impressive 4-0 win at Borussia Dortmund. With biting irony and thin-skinned, the 50-year-old appeared on Saturday evening for an interview with expert Matthäus on the TV channel Sky. “Lothar can do it, and if not, Didi (Hamann) can do it,” said Tuchel at the beginning of the alleged analysis.

A few minutes later, at the press conference, Tuchel refrained from making a usual coaching statement about the game and instead said: “For no further development and a poor internal relationship between coach and team, it looked okay. You’ll find out the rest from the experts.”

When asked by Sky presenter Sebastian Hellmann about the obvious anger and irony, the Bayern coach said: “Yes, and? That’s not allowed? You don’t like that?” Matthäus tried to calm down and said: “If I have a different opinion from time to time, Thomas, it doesn’t have to be carried out like that. I see it and accept it.”

Matthäus and Hamann had criticized Bayern in some cases in recent weeks and concluded that the Munich game had not developed further under Tuchel. Even before winning the German classic, Tuchel had reacted irritably.

Thomas Tuchel breaks off interview: “When I’m through, I want to leave”

When Hellmann brought up the criticism and Tuchel’s reaction to it again at the end of the interview, and Matthäus also wanted to say something about it, the Bayern coach said: “I don’t want to get into the discussion at all. When I’m through, I want to leave “It’s too much for me.” He said goodbye with: “You have the job, you can call it whatever you want. Nobody is angry. We won 4-0, now you have to do a 180 degree turn, have fun.”

Lothar Matthäus said he generally had “no problem” with Thomas Tuchel. “Everyone has their point of view and I think I try to deal with it correctly,” said the 62-year-old. If he is criticized, like Tuchel did during a press conference on Friday, he accepts it. “If he was serious, then he can be serious. I can live with that.”

About Bayern’s cup exit at 1. FC Saarbrücken, Matthäus said: “You have to put up with defeats like that. You are criticized, and then when you win 4-0 in Dortmund, you are praised again. That’s the football business. And it belongs “This means that we judge such games and results from the side in front of the camera.”

“We expect games like today from FC Bayern,” said Matthäus on Saturday evening. “This lightness, the compactness, these runs through the midfield at speed. That’s FC Bayern. If they don’t perform like this from time to time, then it’s also my duty and the coach’s duty to address it. The coach in front of the team and me here in front of the camera. In the end we almost have the same opinion.”

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