Riquelme hit Almirón, defended Fabra and said that “Boca risked little in the final”

Riquelme hit Almirón, defended Fabra and said that “Boca risked little in the final”

The vice president of Mouth, Juan roman riquelme, spoke at a press conference Monday night. There, she analyzed what happened in the final of the Libertadores Cup and left several titles.

What surprised the most was the defender of Riquelme to the Colombian Frank Fabrawho foolishly got himself sent off during extra time in the final against Fluminense in it Maracana Stadium when it was the Brazilian team that had one less player.

“Today Frank came to training crying, got out of his car and walked past crying. Two days passed… He loves our club very much and did a lot to reach the final”commented Riquelme about the mood of Fabra after the first post-defeat training in Brazil.

And I add: “Things happen in football. For the opponent to score a goal there has to be a mistake on your part and vice versa. If we are going to stay looking at mistakes in football, after three months you have to kick everyone out.”

The former soccer player acknowledged that he may have had mistakes but that at the same time it is something that all players have.

“He was the best against Racing and against Palmeiras. The press falls in love with many players, sometimes some of ours, and that’s good, but I don’t look at football like they do. Fabra was fundamental during this time. He scored one of the goals “The most beautiful things I have ever seen in my entire life. They make mistakes like everyone else.”expressed Riquelme with clear praise for the Colombian side.

Riquelme’s suit for Almirón and the future of Boca

On the other hand, Riquelme questioned the team’s performance in the final of the Libertadores Cup versus Fluminense pointing out that the team Jorge Almirón “risked little”but he avoided taking credit away from the players.

In turn, he ratified Mariano Herron as coach of the professional team to face Wednesday San Lorenzo as a visitor, while avoiding detailing who will be the replacement of Almiron after his resignation on Sunday, when the team reached Buenos Aires from Brazil.

“Our coach until the end of the season will be Mariano (Herrón), with Walter Picco and Morel (Rodríguez). We thank Almirón and wish him the best”revealed about the new interim position.

Regarding the resignation of Almironexclaimed: “He stopped working at the club by his decision when we thought we were going to go to the end together.”

“On Wednesday against San Lorenzo we have a very difficult game and the coach will be Mariano Herrón. We wish Jorge Almirón the best in his career but now we have our minds on another objective. We are going to a complicated field and we have to do things well”he indicated Riquelme about the future.

“The boys can’t get the game out of their minds since we arrived. It’s normal and it hurts a lot but you have to learn to accept when it’s not your turn to win. That’s how this sport is.”assured Román, in reference to the first impressions of the players in training on Monday morning.

The club’s vice president also had his reflections on the defeat: “Fluminense was a little better than us and Boca risked little on the field, I analyze it as a fan, but this is how it is.”

“We were very excited and it didn’t happen. The objective was to win the Libertadores but now we are still in the competition and we are about to play a semifinal and fight for the tournament”he concluded.

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