FC Bayern: Only Harry Kane can calm Tuchel’s nerves at the moment

FC Bayern: Only Harry Kane can calm Tuchel’s nerves at the moment

It happened again in the game against Galatasaray Istanbul: Harry Kane scored, this time twice. Even his colleagues at FC Bayern can’t help but be amazed by the goal machine.

Recently, Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel was under a lot of energy. The cup defeat against third division team 1. FC Saarbrücken, the caustic criticism from prominent TV experts and injured players in his damn small squad – a guy like Tuchel can rarely hide what’s going on with him. Just a few days ago he delivered remarkable performances in the top game against Borussia Dortmund. Then someone came in front of the journalists who was very pissed off and verbally lashed out at the critics in Rambo mode.

But on Wednesday evening, in the interviews after the wild Champions League game against Galatasaray Istanbul in the Allianz Arena, Tuchel appeared extremely satisfied and almost Buddha-like balanced. In a very calm tone, he gave his team a huge compliment for their win against Galatasaray Istanbul, which Bayern only secured towards the end of the game with two goals from Harry Kane. Previously they had missed a few chances to score against the stubborn Turkish champions. But then the English striker made his appearance and quickly scored two goals. Bayern won 2-1 (they conceded the goal in stoppage time) and qualified early for the round of 16.

Harry Kane’s performances outshine everything

Harry Kane again. If anyone has the ability to calm Tuchel’s nerves at the moment and bring some sort of footballing sense to Bayern, it’s probably this English gentleman player. So Tuchel spoke about Kane at the PK in a way that expressed the highest level of appreciation, both in tone and content: “I can’t tell you anything else,” Tuchel replied when asked about the classification of Kane’s performances: “The performance tells the story , no further words are needed.”

The story goes like this: Two goals against Galatasaray, and three goals each against BVB and Darmstadt 98. In total, Kane has scored 19 goals in 15 competitive games so far, 15 of them in the Bundesliga and four in the Champions League. There are also seven assists. As if to prove Kane’s outstanding importance, FC Bayern embarrassed themselves in the cup against a blatant outsider when Tuchel left the striker on the bench to rest him.

Kane’s performances are outshining everything at the moment. Even the return of Manuel Neuer, who has been remarkably fit and in good form in three games after almost a year out of injury, took a back seat. It was also the recovered goalkeeper who praised his colleague at the front of the attack after the success against Galatasaray: “He is a phenomenon and we are proud that he is playing in our team,” said Neuer.

A precision and power machine

What makes Kane so extraordinary is not just the goals he scores on a conveyor belt, but also the way he plays. The 30-year-old, who still lives in a hotel in Munich, has a precision and calmness on the ball that is admirable. In addition, he not only lies in wait for passes from his colleagues, but often acts as a playmaker himself, skillfully dropping down and distributing balls. Kane is what is called a complete player because he masters all types of football. This also includes the art of the tackle. When required, he can make a tackle that is in no way inferior to that of Mats Hummels.

And what does Kane himself say? “It’s nice and I enjoy it. I love scoring goals and winning. It was a great night,” he said on Wednesday evening after the game. “I wouldn’t say I’m surprised, but of course I’m really happy.” The fine British manner and the appropriately displayed self-confidence are good for the Bavarians. And they know that.

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