Bielsa’s analysis: how does he plan to stop Messi in Argentina-Uruguay?

Bielsa’s analysis: how does he plan to stop Messi in Argentina-Uruguay?

Marcelo BielsaDT of Uruguayassured today that “there is no sufficiently effective method” against Rosario Lionel Messiregarding the Rio de la Plata duel against the Argentine national team next Thursday in La Bombonera on 5th. date of South American Qualifiers.

“There is no method or procedure that is effective enough against Messi, who is justifiably the best player in the world. Messi also played games in which he did not shine, but not because an infallible formula was applied, because the same formula that was “It was used in many games where it did not shine, it was used in those where it did shine. There is no formula.”Bielsa expressed in the press conference that was broadcast by the Uruguayan Football Association (AUF).

“Sometimes we will have to ask him what would be convenient to prevent him from playing well. Because the questions they have asked us as coaches have not been any contribution.”indicated the Rosario coach.

“And that is better for football, which hopes that great players shine. That there is no effective formula for a great player not to shine will keep football more alive,” reflected the former Argentina coach between 1998 and 2004. .

From his point of view, the clash against Argentina “cannot be easy in any way” and he highlighted, beyond the recent results, that the team has been playing “in the same way and with the same style” for a long time.

“If against a rival like Argentina you play the entire game defending, I think the chances of success are very low. I always imagine that on any field or rival we will try to dominate”marked the “Celeste” coach.

Bielsa, at the insistence of local journalism, also spoke about the possibility of calling up the scorer Luis Suarezcurrently successful in Gremio de Brasil, admitted by the Rosario coach, who was somewhat bothered by the rumor of citing him for the first time.

“Evidently we have different needs regarding the dissemination of decisions. The condition that a player be reserved is a regulatory resource that the organization proposes and from my point of view it should not be disseminated. Because if one is going to call a certain number and “The relationship between those called up and those reserved leaves a group of footballers out of the call, it is natural that they feel disappointed and exposed by that first choice that potentially leaves them out of the final group,” Bielsa evaluated.

“You have to be careful with a player’s self-esteem. You have to turn to him when necessary and not exclude him from a potential nomination. It is much easier for the media to dismiss my view and privilege your view, which is understandable, than is responding to popular expectations, which is an apparent intolerance of waiting for the facts to be confirmed to be able to evaluate them,” he said.

“And when unconfirmed facts are discussed, an unnecessary and useless controversy happens, which takes up a lot of space, but is based on nothing,” said the former coach of Newell’s and Vélez.

And he added: “When I go around so much to answer the same question, I don’t feel comfortable with you, I feel like a charlatan, but I must answer,” he said.

Beyond the Suárez case, Bielsa then flashed some smiles for journalists and even took time to tell some anecdotes that included names like Ariel Ortega and Marcelo Gallardo, among others.

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