With scandal and abandonment, Argentina won the first Short World Cup

With scandal and abandonment, Argentina won the first Short World Cup

The final of Low Stature World Cup between Argentina and Paraguaywhich was played tonight at the Malvinas Argentinas Microstadium of Argentinos Juniors, was suspended 16 minutes into the first half, when the visiting players retired to the locker rooms due to an alleged poor refereeing performance and the organization confirmed that the local team was awarded title.

At the time of the interruption, the albiceleste team was leading 3-1, with three goals scored through penalty kicks. In the last minutes of today, The organization of the global tournament announced that Argentina was proclaimed world champion.

The match developed with intensity from the beginning, within the framework of an ecumenical final, the first in the history of the discipline, when Paraguay scored the first goal in the 8th minute, through a long-range shot by attacker Pedro Ruiz.


For its part, the albiceleste team, led by coach Mariano Rojas, turned the score around with three goals from defender Catriel Brassesco (11, 12 and 16m. PT), all from the double penalty spot, thanks to the accumulation of fouls from the ‘guaraní’ squad.

With four minutes remaining in the initial stage, a spit thrown from the stands at a Paraguayan player ended up unleashing the anger of the visiting delegation, who retired to the locker room amidst the complaints expressed towards the referee team led by Sebastián Solís.

For more than 30 minutes, the match was suspended, while representatives of all the delegations and the organization offered guarantees to the Paraguayans to return to the match.

As he commented Silvia Rojas, Coordinator of the Short World Cup, an attempt was made “by all means” for the match to continue. “They were offered to change the refereeing team and until they started again 0 to 0, I did not expect this reaction from Paraguay,” she said.

For his part, Brassesco, Argentine figure and scorer, maintained that on the one hand he feels joy and on the other dismay, and that they do not know “why the rival stopped playing,” he told the DeporTV signal.


“They said it was due to bad refereeing, but I don’t understand, in the last play there was a handball, they called a penalty shot, and then they didn’t want to play it again”he commented.

Faced with uncertainty, the Argentine delegation remained on the field, while the captain and organizer, Facundo Rojas, tried to convince the Paraguayans to return. However, the response was negative and the decisive match was suspended.

Argentina and Paraguay had faced each other in the two Copa América de Talla Baja finals played so far, with the ‘Guaraníes’ triumphing 3 to 0 in the 2018 edition, in Buenos Aires, and the Argentine national team winning 5 to 0 in that of 2022, played in Peru.

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