Ice hockey: goals and praise: ice hockey striker Michaelis takes advantage of the opportunity

Ice hockey: goals and praise: ice hockey striker Michaelis takes advantage of the opportunity

National coach Harold Kreis is impressed by his best attack line. They turned the game against Austria around. Sunday is about winning the tournament.

Marc Michaelis took advantage of his chance. The German national ice hockey player scored two goals in a 5-3 win against Austria. After missing the World Cup due to an operation following a blood clot in his subclavian vein, the striker from Swiss club EV Zug was able to earn a lot of positive points from national coach Harold Kreis.

“Everyone has to prove themselves here. It was very important that I was here,” said the 28-year-old after the second appearance at the Germany Cup. With another success on Sunday (2.30 p.m./Magentasport) against Slovakia, the runner-up world champion can no longer be denied another tournament victory in Landshut.

However, the DEB selection had a difficult time against Austria for a long time. The district team was behind 0-2 and things only got better halfway through the second third. Michaelis equalized with two goals and gave the team new momentum. Munich’s Filip Varejcka and Yasin Ehliz finally turned the match around with their goals. “A good team always finds a way to win,” said Coach Kreis and praised the storm line around Michaelis and Ehliz: “The boys turned up the heat.”

The 64-year-old national coach will also make changes to his team in some positions in the final game against Slovakia. Ehliz and Varejcka from Munich went home on Saturday evening. They are already playing in the Champions Hockey League on Wednesday. Michaelmas will also be on hold. Only Alexander Ehl (Düsseldorfer EG) and Tobias Eder (Eisbären Berlin) will play in all three games.

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