European Football Championship 2024: How to get tickets if you have now come away empty-handed

European Football Championship 2024: How to get tickets if you have now come away empty-handed

There are still just under seven months until the 2024 European Football Championship in Germany. But if you want to watch the home tournament live in the stadium, you have to get tickets now. The first slide is taken. What you can do if you come away empty-handed.

After the end of the first sales phase in October, confirmations for tickets for the 2024 European Football Championship should be sent out by today. However, over 20 million requests were received from all over the world for the 1.2 million tickets – it had to be drawn. Anyone who wasn’t successful this time will soon have their next chance.

When does the next sales phase begin?

The next sales phase begins after the draw on December 2nd in Hamburg. Then it will be clear on which days and in which stadiums top teams such as England, Spain and France will play their European Championship preliminary round games. And also what opponents Germany expects. 21 of the 24 European Championship participants will then be confirmed, three more will follow after the playoffs in March. There will be another phase in which primarily supporters of the three playoff qualifiers can purchase tickets. A so-called last-minute sale is planned shortly before the tournament and during the tournament for the knockout round. ()

There will be around a million tickets in the second sales phase. Especially for the fans of the qualified teams, who can now apply for tickets for their teams. Applications can be submitted to UEFA from December 2nd and two days later via the national associations of the qualified teams. As with the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, there will be no paper tickets. UEFA relies on an exclusively digital concept.

European Football Championship 2024 in Germany: How much do tickets for the European Championship cost?

This depends entirely on the seat category, game round and UEFA surcharges. Compared to the last tournaments in 2021 and 2016, fans will definitely have to dig deeper into their pockets. An overview:

“Fans First” tickets: The cheapest price category is probably intended to appeal to the fans who are otherwise in the standing room: “Fans First” tickets are very limited. This only refers to places in the lower tier, directly behind the goals.

The price starts at 30 euros for a ticket for a preliminary round game. A ticket for the opening game or round of 16 costs just 50 euros. It gets even more expensive in the later knockout games: in the quarter-finals the category costs 60 euros, in the semi-finals 80 euros and in the final 95 euros.

Category 3: Even in the second cheapest category, EM ticket prices quickly reach three-digit levels. The seats, which according to Uefa are “located in the corner areas and behind the goals, slightly further away from the pitch than category 2, cost 60 euros in group games, 85 euros in the round of 16, and 100 euros in the quarter-finals. For the opening game or a semi-final, fans must You already have to shell out 195 euros, and even 300 euros for the finale – in the second cheapest category, mind you.

Category 2: If you want to sit a little closer to the field, hopefully you have enough change on hand: in category 2, the prices for a group game start at 150 euros, 175 euros are due for the round of 16 and 200 for the quarter-finals. The opening game or a semi-final costs 400 euros to book, the final costs a whopping 600 euros per ticket.

Category 1: Even if the name suggests it: Category 1 does not mean the best places at the European Football Championship. The prices are absolutely royal: it starts with 200 euros for a group game. The round of 16 in this category already costs 250 euros, a game in the quarter-finals 300. In the semi-finals this price doubles again to 600 euros. And if you want to see the final on a Category 1 pitch, you’ll pay a whopping 1,000 euros.

In addition to the “normal” ticket prices, a “Prime Seats” category is added. These are places at the center line. Here fans have to pay between 50 and 133 percent of the regular price for Category 1 – a “prime seat” for the final in Berlin costs 2,000 euros, and 400 euros for the group games.

The only way to spend more money on EM tickets is the VIP packages with access to your own box, drinks and food. They are said to cost several thousand euros each.

Is there a secondary market for the tickets?

Almost everyone has experienced coveted tickets for sporting events or concerts selling out faster than you could say “advance sale”. In some cases there is a so-called secondary market, for example for fans who become ill and want to resell their tickets at short notice. This is also the case for the 2024 European Championship: fans can resell their tickets at face value on the official resale platform. According to the DFB, the platform will be available in spring 2024.

And you should also stay away from third-party providers such as ticket exchanges or classified ads. On the one hand, because the prices on these portals are in most cases significantly higher than the original price, and on the other hand because the EM tickets are personalized. The names of the respective cardholders will be requested in advance and, under certain circumstances, compared with their ID card at the stadiums.

If you want to increase your ticket chances for a German national team game, you should take a close look at the game schedule. Although it is still completely empty, it is already clear when and where the host country (i.e. Germany) will play in the group phase:

The DFB team will play the opening game in Munich, then travel to Stuttgart and finally Frankfurt. With a bit of luck, anyone who applies for these stadiums could actually get tickets for the DFB games.

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