EURO 2024: Disappointed majority: This is how you can still get EM tickets

EURO 2024: Disappointed majority: This is how you can still get EM tickets

The first tickets for the home European Championship 2024 will be awarded on Tuesday. With 20 million applications for 1.2 million cards, the majority will be disappointed. But there is hope.

Philipp Lahm had already feared the disappointment of millions. “The dimension was unbelievable for the 1.2 million tickets. There were over 20 million applicants for the tickets – worldwide,” said the tournament director of the home European Championships 2024.

“It’s a shame that not everyone can take part.” After the first round of awards, there was disappointment in many places. But chances of getting tickets are still there.

What do ticket winners have to do?

“Your ticket application was partially successful. We have received a large number of ticket applications, which far exceeds the number of tickets available for UEFA EURO 2024,” it said in the emails sent on Tuesday. Now you have to be quick. The tickets must be paid for by 2 p.m. on Friday, otherwise the tickets will be removed from your user account. The cards will then be made available digitally. If you wanted to pay immediately, you would need a little patience on Tuesday afternoon. You first end up in a virtual waiting room.

What happens after the first phase of EM ticket sales?

Anyone who came away empty-handed still has several chances to watch a European Championship game in the stadium. The next sales phase will begin after the draw scheduled for December 2nd. Then you no longer buy blindly, but know where teams like England, Spain or France are playing and who the German opponents are.

How many tickets are available in total?

After the first sales phase, not even half of all tickets have been taken. The total quota is 2.7 million cards. However, the next sales phase will be decisive, as around a million tickets are to be given away there. After that, only 500,000 tickets would be free. A last minute sale is planned during the tournament.

Is there a secondary market for EM tickets?

Tickets can only be resold via a platform operated by UEFA. Problem: This should not be available until spring 2024. The association also points out that resale of tickets cannot be guaranteed. As in any market, this depends on demand.

Can you return EM tickets?

No. UEFA writes: “If you were successful in the raffle, you must pay for all the tickets that were allocated to you.” The recommendation was therefore to only apply for games that you actually want to attend. A cancellation is not possible.

Are EM tickets transferable?

Conditional. If you are unable to attend a game for health reasons, you can pass your ticket on to a friend or family member. The personal data of the new ticket holder must be communicated to the tournament organization within a certain period of time. You are not entitled to a refund for the card.

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