With five teams in the fight, this is how the relegation of the annual table is defined

With five teams in the fight, this is how the relegation of the annual table is defined

Vélez, Sarmiento de Junín, Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata, Colón and Santa Fe Union will be defined on the last date of the Professional League Cup 2023 who will lose the category due to the accumulation of points in the annual table, since due to averages they fell Sarandí Arsenal.

These five teams will fight to avoid relegation on the last date and the one that will start the day in the relegation zone, forced to win, is Unionwhich has 43 points and will receive Tiger which ensured permanence last day.

With barely a thread of oxygen, but that does not allow them to relax, they are Gym (visit to banfield) and Colonwhat in Liniers will visit Velez, which has 46 units. The other one with 46 is Sarmiento who will visit Platense in Vicente Lopez.

Although the definition seems simple in terms of mathematics, the truth is that this could be altered, since a series of results could produce a quadruple tie in the fight for permanence.

If the results are given, four teams could be left with 46 units. For that, I should beat him Union to Tigerthe “Sabalero” equal or beat the “Fortín” in the Jose Amalfitani (the latter would put the team Sebastian “Gallego” Mendez), tie Gym versus banfield and also lose Sarmiento against Platense.

Furthermore, a point will allow those of Liniers save yourself from relegation, because you will not be able to reach it Union although “Tatengue” beats them at home Tiger (he already secured his place in First division the next season). The point will leave him out of the four.

Meanwhile, to Colon The tie will help you save yourself if you don’t win Union because there would be a tiebreaker and in case “Tatengue” prevails, the two Santa Fe teams will be saved in case Gym miss out on your visit to banfield.

For its part, Sarmiento reaches the last date with 46 points in the annual table and a tie against Platense as a visitor will ensure their permanence, although the match could also be key in the fight to get into the top four of the Zone B.

Finally, Arsenal He was the first descendant of the Professional League: on the ninth date he decreed his descent due to the averages. On that day, the Viaducto team tied 1-1 against Workshopsbut the triumph of Institute versus Hurricane sentenced the team Sarandi.

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