Gorosito wants to pay Inter Miami to coach Messi

Gorosito wants to pay Inter Miami to coach Messi
November 14, 2023 – 15:37

The coach filled the captain of the Argentine team with praise and launched an incredible comment into the air about the madness he would do to coach him.

Nestor Gorosito revealed the madness he would do to one day be able to lead Lionel Messiwho this Thursday will play with the argentine national team in view of Uruguay by Qualifiers.

“I pay up to two million a month to direct it”shot Gorositolaughing, when asked about the possibility of directing Messi in it Inter MiamiIn the chaos you go Martino. What she did not detail is whether they would be pesos or dollars.

Then, Gorosito filled Rosario with praise and stated: “’Leo’ is all that’s right. “It is perfection as an athlete, as a soccer player.”and then revealed “I was once with him in Barcelona, ​​when he sent greetings to Coco (Basile). ‘Tata’ (Martino) was in Barcelona.”

On the other hand, Gorosito He spoke about his current situation and explained why he left his position as coach of Columbus of Santa Fe.

“When you are involved in the issue of relegation, day-to-day life becomes very difficult. I felt at that moment that I was better off leaving than staying. Because doing what we did or changing things we did not improve. Or we improved for a short time. Sometimes “In crucial moments it is key to leave so that someone else can enter.”he detailed.

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