If the team is relegated, it does not play in the Final Phase

If the team is relegated, it does not play in the Final Phase
November 15, 2023 – 00:00
The Executive Committee of the Professional League met yesterday to define the schedule for date 14, which will be the closing of the regular stage of the Professional League Cup and other issues regarding relegation and the playoffs. One of the definitions that existed in the conclave is that first the relegated team will be defined upon date 14 and then those classified for the playoffs. If the team that loses the category finishes within the top four of its zone, it will not be able to play in the quarterfinals and its place will be taken by the team in fifth place. On the other hand, the leaders put together an outline of the days in the last date could be defined, but it has not yet been confirmed because the endorsement of the security agencies and the clubs is missing. In any case, the idea is that the relegation matches can be played on Saturday, November 25 from 5 p.m.: Vélez-Colón, Banfield-Gimnasia (LP), Unión-Tigre and Platense-Sarmiento. Meanwhile, the definition of the Zone A would be played on Sunday, November 26. So far River (23 points), Huracán (23), Independiente (23) and Colón (20) would be qualifying, but there are still teams with mathematical chances of moving on to the Final Phase: Rosario Central (20), Banfield (20) , Instituto (19), Vélez (19) and Atlético Tucumán (17). Finally, Zone B, which already has Godoy Cruz (22), Belgrano (21) and Racing (21), must define the last classified . At the moment Central Córdoba (19) is the team that will get into the playoffs, but Platense (17), Sarmiento (16) and Estudiantes de La Plata (16) also have possibilities. This group would be defined on Monday, November 27. The matches that do not have objectives to meet would be distributed between Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. It should be remembered that due to summer time, which will be implemented starting November 25, the first shift available to play will be at 5:00 p.m.

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