2nd league: Ouédraogo is seriously injured – criticism of the DFB

2nd league: Ouédraogo is seriously injured – criticism of the DFB

Schalke 04 are angry about the DFB’s communication after the injury to top talent Ouédraogo. Contrary to public DFB statements, the player now has to take a longer break.

Assan Ouédraogo from the second division soccer team FC Schalke 04 will now be out for a long time.

The 17-year-old will not be able to play again until early 2024 at the earliest due to a tear in the anterior syndesmosis in his right foot. Schalke announced this after an MRI examination. The exact duration of the outage can only be determined in January.

Hechelmann criticizes DFB

The offensive player sustained the injury at the U17 World Cup in Indonesia. National coach Christian Wück then explained that the injury was not that serious. However, according to more detailed investigations in Germany, this did not prove to be the case. “It is very bitter for the player and for Schalke 04 that, contrary to the initial assessments of the DFB doctors and trainers, Assan is injured more seriously,” said Schalke sports director André Hechelmann, expressing anger at the German Football Association.

“Unfortunately, contact injuries are part of football. However, we would have liked to have received a clear diagnosis and thus clear communication from the association soon after the game,” criticized Hechelmann.

Source: Stern

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