Riquelme’s move: “I’m going to march with you”

Riquelme’s move: “I’m going to march with you”

Juan roman riquelmecurrent vice president of Mouth and candidate for president in the suspended elections, announced today that he will be at Sunday’s mobilization with the club’s fans, in repudiation of the provisional suspension of the elections after the opposition denounced apparent irregularities in the electoral roll.

“I want to send a giant kiss to the Boca fans and tell them that I feel proud to be another bostero. I found out that they are organizing to go to the stadium on Sunday at 4 p.m. and as a Boca fan I am going to be one more of you. I send you a giant kiss and we will see you on Sunday.”the idol ‘xeneize’ communicated in an official video.

The fans will gather at 3 p.m. in Parque Lezama and will go with the former soccer player to La Bombonera in a caravan on foot and by car.

Riquelme will be the candidate for the ruling party when they can hold the suspended elections by Judge Débora Abrevaya, who momentarily postponed the elections scheduled for Sunday due to apparent irregularities in the electoral roll with the entry of 13,664 active members after the complaint by the opposition led by the candidate Andres Ibarra.

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With the appeal presented by the Boca legal department last Friday, now the National Court of Civil Appeals, in the second instance, will have three business days to determine whether the elections will be held this year.

The last possible date for the electoral event is December 17, since a week before the President of the Nation, Javier Milei, will take office, and later it will be Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day, so it would be impossible.

And for their part, the leaders are evaluating opening the doors of La Bombonera for four hours on Sunday for those members who have contracted the respective trips and thus can live an enjoyable day after the momentary suspension of the elections.

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