Mariano Werner entered the great history of Road Tourism

Mariano Werner entered the great history of Road Tourism

The entrerriano Mariano Werner (Ford) made history again in Road Tourism (TC), by being crowned three-time champion of the categoryafter finishing fourth in the San Juan Villicum circuit, the last date of the Gold Cup.

Without tears in his eyes, because “he had already left them all on the lap of honor”As he said when he got out of the car, but still visibly excited, the 34-year-old driver celebrated the closing of a perfect week in front of a crowd. A dream week that began just seven days ago, when he became TC Pick Up champion for the first time, and that had its finishing touch this Sunday, with his third title in the highest category of our country, after those achieved in 2020 and 2021.

With the ford attended by Fadel Memo Corse Racing, Werner was the most forceful throughout the season, and that not only allowed him to win the regular stage, but also reached the 15th round of the year with an advantage of 38.5 points Regarding his escort, Santiago Mangoni. And that difference achieved throughout the championship, that advantage that the victories achieved in Viedma, Posadas and Rafaela gave him, the second place in San Luis, and the fact that in only four races he did not manage to get into the top 10 of the final, was what allowed him to celebrate at the Villicum despite his fourth place.

With this Cup, the driver from Parana entered his name among the 10 most winning drivers of Turismo Carretera, a select list where he shares a position with two historical drivers such as Roberto Mouras and Óscar Castellano, and led by Juan Gálvez.

Furthermore, as if to further enlarge the story of Mariano Werner in it Road Tourism, this title gave Ford the possibility of achieving a three-time championship after 24 years. The last one to achieve it had been Juan María Traverso (1977, 1978 and 1999), although in his case, he achieved it with a distance of 27 years between the first and last title, because in the middle he also celebrated three other championships but with Chevrolet (1995, 1996 and 1997).

“Thanks to God, to the Virgin, to the Deceased. I entrusted myself to everyone. Something was happening, I couldn’t handle it. Thanks to my team, to all the mechanics, to all the Ford fans, to all the people of Entre Ríos. This is “Of you, of all those people who supported me. It is incredible that we have reached the third place here in this place.”be sincere Werner before the microphones of Public TV.

And with an even more broken voice, he added: “I have nothing but words of gratitude to this category that gave me everything, that gave me the people, that gave me support, that love. I have touched the sky, I could say goodbye because it is not easy to have achieved two titles with the difficult “What is this Argentina? Thanks to my brother (Gabriel), who helped me and in seven days I was able to achieve the most as a pilot.”.

Gabriel’s name is always present in Mariano’s head and statements. In good times and bad times, Werner never forgets his brother, who accompanied him at the beginning of his career, and who since that fateful November 23, 2007, the day he died in the Oscar Cabalen from Alta Gracia, continues to accompany him, but from another place.

Before saying goodbye and going up to celebrate his third conquest on the podium, the man from Parana also dedicated heartfelt words to those who are with him day by day, day by date: his family. “My children, both Salvador and Rafael, changed my life. Micaela, my wife, my entire family… I explode with happiness, joy, tears, the desire to hug everyone. Come on, champion. Come on, damn it “closed the brand new three-time champion of the TC.

A separate paragraph deserves German Todino (Dodge), who achieved his fourth victory of the season in San Juan and finished 2023, his best year in the category, as the winningest driver. Rivera from Buenos Aires, who had just triumphed in Toay, after a tight maneuver against Juan Martin Truccofinished second in the Gold Cup, 34.5 points behind Werner.

Julián Santero (Ford) and Agustín Canapino (Chevrolet) shared the podium.

The most winners in the history of Road Tourism

  1. Juan Galvez: 9
  2. Guillermo Ortelli: 7
  3. Juan María Traverso: 6
  4. Oscar Galvez: 5
  5. Dante Emiliozzi: 4
  6. Hector Luis Gradassi: 4
  7. Agustín Canapino: 4
  8. Mariano Werner: 3
  9. Roberto Mouras: 3
  10. Oscar Castellano: 3

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