U19 was the first ÖFB women’s team to qualify for the World Cup

U19 was the first ÖFB women’s team to qualify for the World Cup
Nicole Ojukwu scored a hat trick.
Image: GEPA pictures/ Johannes Friedl

The young Austrians deservedly secured their ticket to the U20 World Cup from August 31st to September 22nd, 2024 in Colombia.

The ÖFB talents took control of the game from the start and thanks to a hat trick from Nicole Ojukwu (11th, 23rd, 45th/free kick) and a safely converted penalty from Isabel Aistleitner (45th + 5th), they made things clear before the break Conditions. Alisa Ziletkina, who came on for Ojukwu a minute earlier, increased the score to 5-0 (70th) and fixed the final score (87th).

The redemptive lead was achieved in the duel between the two third-placed teams from the last European Championship in the 11th minute. After a wonderful pass into the depths, Linda Natter kept track and passed on to Ojukwu, who finished confidently. The Vienna offensive player was also there in the 23rd minute. Natter had prevailed in the penalty area and was clearly held back by goalkeeper Gudlaugsdottir, but Ojukwu took advantage.

Lead safely managed

Shortly before the break it was Natter who made Ojukwu’s next goal possible. The FFC Vorderland striker could only be stopped by a foul from Eyrun Hjartardottir. The Icelander was ruled out and Ojukwu sank the free kick from just outside the penalty area. In stoppage time, Aistleitner added his fourth goal from the penalty spot after a penalty area foul on Theresa D’Angelo. The Icelanders only had a real chance in stoppage time in the first half.

After the break, the Austrians managed to maintain a clear lead after the break, and Ziletkina added a brace. The red-white-red U19 took advantage of their second and unexpected World Cup chance. After the field of participants in the U20 World Cup was increased from 16 to 24 participating countries in the autumn, a European play-off was decided between the two third-placed teams in the U19 European Championship last summer in Belgium. With the confident victory, the Austrians are now the fifth European team to travel to Colombia alongside the major soccer powers Spain (European champions), Germany, France and the Netherlands.

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