The posting of “Chiqui” Tapia on social networks after Scaloni’s statements

The posting of “Chiqui” Tapia on social networks after Scaloni’s statements
December 8, 2023 – 11:28

The president of the AFA broke the silence and spoke out after the statements of Lionel Scaloni, who had questioned his continuity in the national team.

All Argentines were waiting for the word of Lionel Scaloni in the draw of the Copa America 2024 after questioning his continuity as coach of the selection in it Maracana. After his words, the one who broke the silence was Claudio Tapia.

“Chiqui” expressed himself on social networks, leaving a message of unity. “All together in the Copa América draw”wrote Wall with an image of him, accompanied with Scaloni and the group of leaders of the AFA who traveled to Miami.


It should be noted that the DT clarified that his relationship with the president “it’s perfect” and what has to “think” in its continuity or not for personal reasons.

Nevertheless, Scaloni and Wall They will meet again at the end of the month to define where and how the March tour will be, an issue where they have different opinions and could be a source of conflict. The DT wants to face top-level European rivals, prioritizing sports; while the president wants a tour of Chinaprioritizing the economic.

Source: Ambito

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